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6th June 2022

Out and About

Eight days of 'A' timetable services have been provided since the previous report, mostly by the hybrid blue/green class 104/108 unit working alone but ably assisted by its friend, the class 108, on days when a 4-car unit was required to provide the necessary seating for pre-booked parties. The following picture shows the 4-car unit on its way back to Pentrefelin at the close of play on Monday 30th May...

4-car Hybrid class 104/108 and class 108 returning to Pentrefelin depot on 30/05/22

Even though the aforementioned workings were largely "run of the mill", two of our drivers nevertheless spotted some opportunities to secure unusual photographs. Firstly, the hybrid unit was pictured in the locomotive yard at Llangollen during a detour to obtain the single line token at the start of the day...

Hybrid class 104/108 in the locomotive yard at Llangollen on 27/05/22

Secondly, the combination of a mirror on the wall of the cafe at Carrog station, and the position of the class 108 in the platform, resulted in the following optical illusion of a class 108 single-car railbus...

A virtual class 108 railbus at Carrog!

The driver concerned assured us that it was something that happened naturally and was not the result of precision measurements and/or precision DMU parking!


Information about the work that was carried out on specific railcars at Pentrefelin and Butterley can be found in the unit-specific work sections below.

Members of the Cravens/Gloucester restoration team were encouraged/persuaded to take time out from their usual duties and temporarily assign their carpentry skills to the construction of an overflow tool cupboard...

Construction of a new tool cupboard

Unit-specific work

Hybrid class 104/108 (50454/56223)

The unit was given a wash and brush up on Sunday 29th May in readiness for its use on the following week's services...

Hybrid class 104/108 being washed on 29/05/22

Wickham Class 109 (50416/56171)

The high-level work continued with the refurbishment of the roof of the trailer car (56171). The first step was to use the tried-and-tested method of protecting the vehicle sides, front and back by constructing a 'surgical gown' out of plastic sheeting...

Class 109: 56171 wrapped up in readiness for work on the roof

...and that was then followed by preparation and the application of primer, undercoat and top coat in that order.

Class 109: Painting the roof of 56171

Class 109: Painting the roof of 56171

Class 127 vehicle no. 51618 (undergoing bodywork repairs at Llangollen)

A new guard's door pillar had to be constructed for the secondman's side of the vehicle due to the amount of corrosion on the original. The following picture shows the old and (in-progress) new door pillars. In the latter case the 'top hat' has to be slotted, bent and welded back together to match the curve of the lower bodyside.

Class 127: Old and (in-progress) new door pillars

It was also necessary to construct some more body skin to replace another corroded area...

Class 127: Cutting some replacement body skin from a sheet of steel

Class 127: Installing some replacement body skin

Regular readers will know that a recurring theme with the restoration of this suburban vehicle is, "The doors, the doors!" so here is yet another one being sanded...

Class 127: Sanding a guard's door

...and some handles that had been cleaned and primed...

Class 127: Door handles after cleaning and priming

Gloucester class 100 51118/56097 (undergoing restoration at the Midland Railway, Butterley)

Work continued with the fitting of wall panels, insulation and beading in the first class and middle compartments of the trailer car.

The following pictures effectively provide 'before' and 'after' views even though they are of different vehicles. The first one shows the small compartment in the power car (51118) and provides a reminder of what the corresponding compartment in the trailer car looked like prior to restoration...

Class 100:  The small compartment in the power car 51118

This is what the compartment in the trailer car looks like now...

Class 100: The small compartment in the trailer car 56097

What a transformation!

Thanks to Adam Boddy, Allen Chatwood, John Joyce and Mike Martin for supplying the pictures.