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9th February 2024


The winter closed season provides an opportunity for us to carry out maintenance, repair and restoration work without the added distraction of running trains but the available time disappears very quickly and we once again find ourselves preparing for the start of our next running season towards the end of March.

With that in mind, the members of the group who attended the working meeting on 3/4 February focussed their attention on a Fuel Point (FP) exam for the class 127 and further work to put the class 108 back together. Further information about the work that took place can be found in the 'Unit-specific work' section below.

In other news, our electrical team has been busy installing some additional lights in the shed at Pentrefelin. The more even light distribution will make it easier to do jobs (especially painting) that were difficult to carry out in the pools of light (and shade) that existed before.

We also took delivery of three overhauled buffers, one of which will replace a faulty one on the class 127 power car (51618), leaving the other two to be filed under 'B' in our store.

Unit-specific work

Class 108 51933/54504

Following the recent installation of the reupholstered seat backs and bases it was discovered that some additional backing pieces would need to be manufactured for some of the first class seats. In general, the first class seats are positioned back-to-back and so the backs of them are hidden but there are two double seats whose backs are visible through the glass of the vestibule partition as shown in the following picture...

Class 108: First class seating configuration

The additional backs for those were created using plywood and the charcoal moquette...

Class 108: Creating a backing for the first class seats that require it

...and then fitted to good effect...

Class 108: First class seats with newly-installed backs

A job to fix a faulty tail/marker light repeater in the cab of 51933 became more involved than expected but then had a surprise bonus because the destination indicator light started to work - allegedly for the first time since the unit came from Swanage roughly five years ago! The following picture shows it being demonstrated to good effect although the displayed destination was rather ambitious...

Class 108: Working destination indicator on 51933

Hybrid Class 127/Class 108 (51618/56223)

The class 127 power car was given a Fuel Point (FP) exam to make it available for traffic if/when required. Its destination indicator was also fixed, with a new switch and two new lamp fittings, but I do not know what, if any, fanciful destinations were displayed on that one because photographic evidence was conspicuous by its absence!

Thanks to John Joyce for supplying the pictures.