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21st January 2019

Part of todays team ready to start work.


The remaining areas of 56223s roof have been scabbled back to metal, leaving only the gutter on the secondmans side to deal with. A few more rivets also need to be replaced. The noisy bit of the job is finally finished.

The destination blind in 50416 has been difficult to operate for some time. The mechanism was stripped down, freed up, then lubricated. It should work fine for many years.

Class 109

Both cabs in the 104 set have also recieved a deep clean. The drivers side guards door also recieved a coat of gloss.

Work has begun to tidy up the spare 104 bogie, including making the brake gear loose after many years sat doing nothing.

Class 104

7th January 2019

The hard working team in 56456 have fitted the third and final ceiling panel into the first class section, and what a difference that has made to the inside. Working towards the rear of the vehicle the first of the wooden frames have been fitted in the center saloon to support the luggage racks, and plenty of insulation has found its way into the ceiling.

Class 105
Class 105
Class 105

The oil store roof was removed, and replaced with new sheets which had been cut and rolled to fit. This will certainly keep the rain and other elements of Wlesh weather out better than the previous version.

Work on the roof of 56223 has continued, with the gutter on the drivers side being wire brushed back to as much as possible ready for painting. Rivets have also been refitted where they are missing, or have fallen victim to a good scabble. On the work bench the 16 vents have also been cleaned up ready for repainting. With blanking plates measured and ordered to fit under them. Speaking of a good scabble the center of the roof has been worked on as much as possible. Down on the ground, the body-side has been filled and sanded ready for priming.