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28th November 2016

There's been some work done on the Wickham Power car this week to sort out the issue of loose rivets on the secondman's side of the body.

This was always a problem in BR days and was one of the reasons that the Wickham sets were so unpopular, and would eventually contribute to their withdrawal. During its ten years in service the paint over the rivets has also come off making the side seem untidy.

Class 109

Preparation of the rear of the same coach is now complete and this is now in undercoat.

Class 109

Gloucester 51118 also progresses with work this week being centred round the door apertures, floor edges and roof edges.

21st November 2016

Work is progressing steadily with the Gloucester Power car at Butterley which now has the body panelling completed on the secondman's side.

Class 100

The bodyside has been renewed up to a point just short of the top of the windows using pre-formed and fabricated panels. Progress was slowed a little due to the requirement to renew a section of one of the uprights which was putting the side under stress due to it being distorted, a fault that must have existed in the vehicle since it was new.

Class 100

On the roof the undercoating is now complete and provides valuable protection until such time as we are ready to continue with painting.

The retrimming of the seating in the class 141 continues with about two-thirds of the second vehicle, 55513, now being completed.

14th November 2016

The Wickham Power car has received its first coat of green gloss paint on the front and on the driver's side, this being part of the overhaul of the unit which is currently ongoing.

Class 109

Work is progressing well on Gloucester Power car 51118. The exterior panelling is beginning to be applied to the framing on the centre secondman's section. There have been some problems in this section due to the body flexing as the welds are completed. After some investigation it was found that one of the original body uprights was under tension and moved depending on which parts of the body were attached. This has now been cut out and a new section fitted, thus removing the tension in the body.

Class 100

The painting of the roof of the same coach is also making progress and most of it is now done.

Class 100

7th November 2016

The Llangollen-based fleet was prepared for the colder weather on Sunday when anti-freeze levels were checked and topped up and all the toilet tanks were drained down.

The Wickham exam progressed with a few more items ticked off the list, mainly greasing of components and lighting checks.

50454's repaired heater was run up again on the bench and was then painted as it seemed to work satisfactorily.

Meanwhile inside Cravens 56456 work continued to replace or fit missing woodwork, a task that is now making good progress.

Class 105

Over at Butterley the main box sections have now been welded into the centre section of the secondman's side of Gloucester Power Car 51118 and the final pillar has been repaired. The frame has been given a coat of paint.

Work has started to paint the roof in undercoat, and this is now done on about a third of the roof.

Class 100
Class 100