Class 108 - DTC - 54490

BR History

Class 108

1) 54490 at Longsight depot in Apr 1993 – note the sticker in the window informing staff that 54490 has been sold for preservation and must not be touched! Photo By Evan Green-Hughes

Built by British Railways at Derby Works in 1960 as part of lot 30602 this vehicle represents one of the later designs of low-density railcar.

It is a Driving Trailer Composite with lavatory and is what later became British Railways Class 108. It is preserved in its final form with upgraded interior fittings and upholstery and is in blue and grey livery. This car is unusual in that it is still running with its original partner, after more than half a century.

This car was from the final batch of class 108 and was delivered to the London Midland Region in March 1960. It was shown as being allocated to Toton when new but had moved on to Longsight, Manchester, by 1962. It stayed at that depot for most of its working life but also had a number of years allocated to Chester, thus it has many local connections.

In 1990 it was sent to Doncaster Works for a full overhaul on the basis that the 108s were to be retained in service but a policy change saw it withdrawn from Longsight Depot only three years later, but in very good condition.