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9th September 2019

Preparations are in full swing for the gala next weekend. The 104 cab had the final touches completed, and looks as good as new now the work is finished. The two cars were also coupled back up, and given a good clean out inside.

Class 104

The rest of the fleet, was also given an interior clear out in preparation. A budget lock in the drivers door on 50416 was also attended to.

Items which had been recovered from the 104 when refurbished ones have been fitted, are in the process of becoming refurbished ready to be fitted to the next cab front which receives attention.

An unusual photo cropped up from Saturday with the 109 sat in the dock, while the 108 passes on a driver experience train. The 109 was used to shuttle people for private tours of Pentrefelin.

Class 104

2nd September 2019

The big job this weekend was to return 56456 to its restoration home behind the shed. This gave a chance to photograph it out in the open, with the rather shiny looking roof! The movement was kindly facilitiated by one of the 08 drivers, thanks to them for allowing it all to happen.

Class 105
Class 08

Work progressed on needle gunning 50528, following the reuniting of the two vehicles after the shunt, and further work on dismantling jumpers.

Class 104
Class 104

The demister in 51933 was repaired by replacing the demister, and the switch. What you always think will be a simple job turned into something around 3 hours long!

Class 108