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11th December 2017

Unfortunately given the inclement weather that has engulfed most of North Wales, and the Midlands in snow, not much has happened at either site this week. Hopefully things will be back to normal by next week.

4th December 2017

It has been a quiet week with the only movement at Llangollen being of the Class 104 which was hired by the railway to 'condition' the rails in advance of the Santa operation. This consisted of running up and down the line between Llangollen and Glyndyfrdwy a number of times to remove the rust. In the event the work wasn't successful and the first steam Santa train slipped to a stand on the bank the following day.

While working on Class 127 Driving Motor Brake 51618 it has been discovered that the driver's side cab corner is also badly corroded and this will be cut away to repair the supporting pillar. Drawings for the parts required are being prepared and should be off to the fabricator this week.

Over at Butterley a team spent Wednesday working on commissioning the Class 108 unit which has recently been transferred across from Llangollen. A broken vacuum hose was exchanged for a new one, the levels topped up and a couple of minor repairs done. We then undertook three test runs down to Ironville and back, leaving the unit in a fit state to be used should the necessity arise. The Class 141's anti-freeze levels were also topped up, one engine having lost its mixture when we changed some hoses earlier in the year.

Class 108
Class 108