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16th October 2017

There has been progress on several of our projects this week. The repairs to Class 127 51618 have been moving on with the upper sheet being added to the bodywork and a rough cut made of where the window is going to be. The cab dome has been lowered to the ground and is being rubbed down ready to receive a new gell coat.

Class 127
Class 127

Inside Cravens Class 105 56456 work to paint all the interior timber has been completed, as have the seat brackets. One of the vestibule partitions has been removed to allow the fitting of timber strips which go behind it. One of these has now been fitted and a second has been made but requires a bit more work. More woodwork has been fitted around the windows.

Class 105

A shunt of the depot left the Wickham in the right place to carry out this week's duties with the Class 108 stood down for a while.

9th October 2017

At Llangollen there has been much progress with the repairs to the bodywork of Class 127 51618. Two roof hoops have been repaired and have been welded to the new cantrail, more work has been done to the body frame and the first of the new exterior panels has been welded on.

Class 127

Over the weekend the Class 104 was given an A Exam while the Class 108 was washed and refuelled ready for its duties this week. A detached droplight top strip was also refitted. A repair was also made to the end door of Class 108 56223 as this will be required for the forthcoming Thomas event as a single additional car and thus the end door will need to be locked off. Investigations into an intermittent light fault on the Wickham set found a loose fuse and the bogies and heaters of trailer 56171 were steam cleaned so that they can be painted before the unit goes off to the East Lancs Gala at the beginning of November.

Class 109

At Butterley a start has been made on laying the new ply floor in the guard's van area of Gloucester Power car 51118. This is made up of two sheets of wood to obtain the correc height, with the first four pieces fitted, including the difficult ones at the back which requir the most cutting.

Class 100

2nd October 2017

A start has been made on replacing the corroded structure of Class 127 Driving Motor Brake 51618, now that all the parts have been delivered from the fabricators. The main area of work is towards the top of the vehicle but there has also been extensive replacement to the door pillars and the lower body rail.

Class 127

Over at the Midland work has continued on the floor of Gloucester Driving Motor Brake 51118, the brake van area of which is being painted. The plywood which will form the floor has also been delivered and we have almost finished painting the new steelwork in the van. The retrimmed seats for Class 108 Driving Trailer 54490 have also been delivered and these have been placed in store until we have time to fit them. The final job this week has been the addition of some West Yorkshire 'Metro' stickers onto the 141 unit.

Class 141