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10th April 2017

At the Llangollen workshops there has been much activity on the maintenance front with the Class 127/108 set's M-Exam being completed and the Class 108 set's A-Exam taking place. A few faults were discovered during the work on the Class 127 51618, one of the alternators was found not to be working, some conduit had come adrift and a fuel gauge was leaking. A number of loose bolts and some worn out step boards completed the total of jobs discovered.

Class 127
Class 127

The class 108 and class 104 where out together at Llangollen on Friday. One set providing the normal "A" timetable service, and the second a charter service.

Class 104+108

In the Class 105 trailer the last of the new ceiling supports has been fitted and some aluminium trim was refitted in the first class. Some parts were also dug out of where they have been kept over the several years that this job has been in progress.

Over at Butterley the rear of Gloucester 51118 has been receiving its first paint while work has continued to make the unit ready for the glassfitter.

Class 100

3rd April 2017

At Butterly the front and sides of the Gloucester power car have had a coat of gloss paint. Certainly not the final coat but it gives a good idea of what the unit will look like once the restoration is finished.

Class 100

More of the glass work has taken place, with the guards van area being tackled. Inside the main saloon the bulk of the new woodwork that will be needed to align the windows, and on which the trim attaches has been fitted.

Class 100
Class 100

At Llangollen the 104 underwent an FP exam. This went without issue apart from one brake block which was changed as it was approaching the minimum thickness allowed.

Class 104

Some sticking internal doors were tackled in 56223, and some work was done on preparing 56171 for more paint.

Class 108