2012 Gala

The annual railcar weekend at Llangollen in 2012 featured two unique firsts - the first visit to the Llangollen line by a second-generation diesel unit and the first use of the new Carrog-Bonwm section of track by diesel passenger trains.

The visitor was Class 141 unit 141113 which is one of the first 20 production railbuses built by British Railways in the early 1980s as replacements for "classic" DMUs. The narrow-bodied Class 141 was the forerunner of the later "Pacer" units, which were built to standard railway width, rather than road vehicle width. The class was largely unsuccessful due to issues with the reliability of the Leyland engines and the SCG mechanical gearboxes. As a result one class member, 141113, was fitted with powerful Cummins L10 engines and Voith hydraulic transmissions. The units were withdrawn between 1997 and 1999 with some being exported to Iran for further use. 141113 was bought by our group but was taken to our sub-base at the Midland Railway where it was restored, entering service in 2007. It ran there until 2010 when it was loaned to the Weardale Railway and at the time of the gala it was on its way back to the Midland, following over 24,000 miles of successful running in County Durham.

Unfortunately the weather did not treat us kindly this year and we had heavy rain but this did not stop us putting on a good show with 16 trains each way each day running within a couple of minutes of booked time.

Class 141

This year's visitor was Class 141 - 141113 which is seen here in the classic location of Berwyn station. Photo By TheRoute19

Class 108 + 104

For the first time at one of our events trains travelled beyond Carrog Station. Here the Classes 104 and 108 pass the section signal on their way to the temporary limit of operations at Bonwm. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 109

Seen a little further up the new section of line the Wickham unit is returning from Bonwm. The destination is perhaps a little over optimistic as the last couple of miles from Llangollen to Trevor were removed in the 1960s! Photo By Mike Martin

Class 108

Despite the really poor weather there were a few breaks from the rain. Class 108 56223 leads Class 127 51618 at the quiet setting of Carrog Station on a journey from Bonwm to Llangollen. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 1141

The visiting Class 141 stands at Carrog alongside the GW Railmotor at Carrog. Photo By Neil Williams

Auto Train

Steam interest was once again supplied by Great Western Pannier Tank 6430, although this year only one of its two push-pull coaches was available for service. Here the coach is propelled into Glyndyfrdwy Station. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 104

Still looking smart in its early 1960s BR blue livery the Class 104 rests in between turns in platform 1 at Llangollen Station. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 127

The Class 127 unit blasts away from Carrog Station and heads for Glyndyfrdwy on Saturday 23rd June. The station was later the site of a well-attended evening barbecue. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 109 + 108

Wickham trailer E56171 leads a four-car formation approaching Glyndyfrdwy with the Class 108 at the rear. Many trains featured multiple running. Photo By Paul Stigter

Class 141

It is hard to conceive that the Class 141 railbus was built only 24 years after the last steam locomotive and only 16 years after the last was withdrawn! This photo shows Pannier 6430 alongside 141113 at Carrog and illustrates the technological progress which was being made in the 20th Century. Photo By Paul Stigter

This video really captures all of the action of the 2012 gala. Video By Dewi Davies