2011 Gala

The 2011 event took place on June 25th and 26th and was well attended with more visitors than even attended for the record-breaking 2010 gala. Trains ran continuously from 0930 to 1830 and there were special events such as a barbecue on the Saturday evening. The guest was railbus RB004 and this was supported by four resident units, the class 104, 108, Wickham and the 127 coupled to class 108 trailer 56223 as well as the steam autotrain.

Class RB004

During the weekend RB004 was provided with a number of unlikely destination blind displays thanks to its owners, the mini-train is seen at Glyndyfrdwy station. Photo By Peter Coole.

Class RB004

RB 004 started life as an export demonstrator and was built after the similar-looking BR Class 141 Units. It is again seen at Glyndyfrdwy. Photo By Peter Coole.

Class RB004

RB004 is positively dwarfed by the surrounding scenery as it approaches Carrog. Photo By Benn Pollard

Class 104

Because of the line's gradients the Llangollen is a route on which the units have to work hard. The class 104 unit leads the Wickham on the 1 in 80 approach to Berwyn Station. Photo By Mike Martin.

Class 108

Class 108 Driving Trailer 56223 is seen at Carrog at the head of a four-car unit bound for Llangollen. Photo By Mike Martin

Class 109

Approaching Glyndyfrdwy Station driver Rod Morgan lines up to put the single line token on the catcher. The token for the next section is hanging on the pick-up apparatus a few feet further on. The Wickham unit is leading the class 108. Photo By Mike Martin.

Class RB004

Driver John Joyce slows for the token exchange at Goods Junction signal box. RB004 has an unusual driving position in which the driver sits in the centre. This was intended to be so that he could collect fare money and also issue tickets. Photo By Ian Bradbury.

Class 108 + Class 109

The railcar galas often see up to four units at Llangollen Station at any one time. Here class 108 56223 stands next to Wickham (class 109) trailer 56171. Photo By Ian Bradbury

Class Auto Train

The steam diagram was worked by Pannier tank 6430 which was sandwiched between two driving trailer cars of the autotrain type, which was an early attempt to make the steam train more flexible and cheaper to operate. The train is accelerating away from Glyndyfrdwy. Photo By Sicco Dierdorp.

Class 104

The class 104 unit - always a favourite with gala visitors - awaits its next turn of duty at Carrog Station. Photo By Sicco Dierdorp.

Class 127

In the countryside near Garth-y-dwr the class 127 power car, with its Rolls-Royce engines, hauls class 108 trailer 56223. The roof of the class 127 had recently been reliveried to its original condition. Photo By Sicco Dierdorp