Our Fleet

Production of what are now called "heritage" or "first-generation" railcars began in 1954 and was completed by 1964 by which 4,600 were in service. Many of the earlier and experimental builds were scrapped between 1968 and 1972. We have been successful in rescuing vehicles which had been preserved by other organisations but which were in danger of being broken up and scrapped.

We have a good cross-section of types, with a fleet of fourteen vehicles, representing seven different classes; Including the only surviving Wickham two-car set (Class 109), the only complete two-car Gloucester set (Class 100), and one of only two Cravens trailers (Class 105) left. We also have one of just a small number of Birmingham Railway Carriage and Wagon sets (Class 104) in active service. Also represented are three Derby Light Weight vehicles (Class 108), and a single Derby "Bedpan" (Class 127) vehicle.

Also in the collection is a 1984-built Leyland/BREL railbus (Class 141) which was the first of the "second generation" types to be built. This is a very important train historically and although more modem than the other types in our fleet, it is a valuable historical and engineering development.


Four members of our impressive fleet line up at Pentrefelin depot for a night photo shoot. Photo By Brian Battersby